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  1. Lincolnshire Albert

    Feeding Released Mallard Ducks Off Water

    Or anybody else?
  2. Lincolnshire Albert

    Feeding Released Mallard Ducks Off Water

    Good evening Im a new member. Im an arable farmer but have run a shoot at home for many years! Im planning on a maize drive with mixture of duck and pheasant. Ive fed ducks off water before with variance of successes. Wondered if the members could share there experiences and advice for trail feeding ducks from the release pound to a maize strip and how they go about doing it. Time of feeds, number of feeds, Quantity of feed, buzzers, feed types, distant they will feed off water etc etc I understand socks is a good contact for this ? Thanks in advance!
  3. Lincolnshire Albert

    Tips On Feeding Ducks In Cover

    Hello Im a new member - arable farmer in Lincolnshire also have run a shoot for many years! Looking for tips on duck trail feeding. Ive had varying success on drawing my released mallard from the pound to a maize strip so we can beat them back during a mixed bird drive. Wondered if anyone could share their tips and experiences on this kind or shooting and how they go about feeding off pound, feeders used, special mixes or just straights, times of feeding, once or twice a day, buzzers etc Thanks in advance