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  1. I go target shooting, my closest range is nearly an hour away. Really quiet bunch of older guys just targeting the same old. I just want to get out there and do somthing more exciting. Hoping to find someone to learn from and who can show me a few things. I am very new to all this..I used to go shoot rabbits what I was younger..leaning out of a friends escort sunroof!? Other than that, just target shooting really. I've always wanted to take it on as a hobby and now I have the time too but don't know anyone like minded. 

  2. Ask at gun shop if there is a local gun range for pellet guns you'll meet like minded people and be able to try out different guns.

    I was then about to say. Yes I have found a local range. They have days for beginners on the first Saturday in the month so I will bite the bullet and go. I just find it daunting but it's got to be done. Will post how I get On.

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  3. do bingo wings count? ?

    Cheers. I'll have a play about at the weekend and see what the fella says.

    I know you have to get in it some how but I don't want to be the 'all the gear no idea tit. Do u know what I mean.

    I just need to know a few locals who are into it ideally to learn a thing or two

  4. I Know it's not everyone's bag but I'm looking at a few riffles Saturday. I have no idea where to start but of course the bloke in the shop will know what he's talking about! I would obviously love people's advice but wouldn't want to put a new subject on here with being such an amateur or should I? Would get me off this bloody induction page!!

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