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  1. punkawallah

    Yukon Digital Night Ranger

    It is 5x42
  2. Having only used this a couple of times it sits in the cupboard! £200 inc postage by RM Signed for.
  3. punkawallah

    Hi From The Fens...

    Thanks all for the welcome. Have done a Google for the Clulite but can't find anywhere it's in stock?
  4. punkawallah

    Hi From The Fens...

    New here but not new to HFS. Just recently got a Lurcher pup, first cross Whippet/Collie, he's now 5 months and I've got great faith in him. All previous Lurchers over the last 35 years have been 26-28 TTS mainly sighthound bred rough coats so this is a new type for me! Looking for a bit of advice regarding lamps as I have a fair bit of perm land, obviously dog is going to be mainly bunnies so perhaps ultimate range not so important? Thought about cree type LED torch? Thanks for having me along!