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    Hello kwitie. I'm from Cambridge and just started ferreting this year, I've only been out a few times and had a bit of luck and lots of fun. I've got a 3 golf courses that I can do and a fruit farm all in Cambridge, I would be more than happy for you to come along when the season starts up again which I guess is September time Hi Lee. Sorry for the late reply. That sounds great. If I get PM rights I will PM you.
  2. kwitie


    Peter - did you ever get out? I am in the Huntingdon area and am hoping to do the same thing by getting into ferreting too!
  3. kwitie

    wildfowling for beginers

    Very informative guide - thanks.
  4. Hi I am looking to get into shooting/ferreting in the Huntingdon area. I used to snare (24years ago) in Scotland and after many years in the big smoke have moved out and am thinking of getting back into some field sport.