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  1. That's awesome Carnt beat the company. I wouldn't take my lurcher she Carnt sit still for 2 mins with out wanting to stick her head in a bush looking for stuff. Atb
  2. I will eventually get a bred gun dog when I'm aloud . If you know what I mean
  3. That's him training with a dried pheasant wing 8 months old there.
  4. Hi all. I've got a little patterdale terrier that sits quietly with me and helps me pick up when needed. He's soft mouthed and does no damage to the birds as you would normally expect from a terrier was just interested to know if anyone else uses a terrier in there hide. Cheers
  5. any bushing dogs for sale ?
  6. hi gents am after a patt bitch broken coated anyone know of a litter thanks
  7. Hi gents. I'm after a pup but stuck on what may suit my needs. I would like a good little bushing dog but then something I could shoot over and the retrieves will be decent anyone had or got a hound like it any advise would help thanks
  8. They look mega !!! What's there nose like?
  9. That's a good photo that. Thanks for sharing
  10. Thanks for posting this video. Was a really good watch and insight to the type of community around pointers. Anyone do any shoots in Scotland.
  11. Full of energy then. What do you mean odd gallop?
  12. Hi gents. Anyone work a gwp for a bit of rough shooting and how are they to a gsp? Cheers
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