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  1. Thanks everybody for your advice gonna look further intoo it need to make sure i make the right choice and get the right type dog i had a collie cross 1st cross couldnt fault her brilliant for marking brilliant on lamp but after 2 years started sqautimg on the lamp put me off the collie cross! Did go for a ventre with a freind who works saluki bull grey wich was quite impressive! Like i say il keep on doing my research thanks all
  2. Thanks for the advice people! Are they genrally sh*t on lamp? As i will be doing as much lamping as ferriting really get a good number of days of work so will be out 4 days a week or nights!really thanks for the replys
  3. Cracking pup that mate fair play! Has it seen anything still abit young yet probably
  4. Do you think a half cross would be to slow for the job? Good luck with the pup hedge crawler
  5. Looming a buying a pup i do a lot of ferriting and want something for lanping! A mate told me to look at a first cross bull whippet nice and small but with a bit of power but not sure! i like the look of them just wondering if any body has advice or knows abit about them!
  6. Looking for something with a bit of bull in the mix
  7. Will someone send me the link to these pups please cheers for your help! Not really keen on the idea of a collie grey l
  8. Looking for some advice! Looking to buy my first lurcher and wondering which cross would suit me best I would like an all rounder if you could spare me some advice I would much appreciate it thanks tom
  9. Hi I'm new on here but been hunting and shooting for quite a number of years! IBe been going lamping and digging with my friends now for a few months now as I haven't done much of it before as I am more into duck shooting pheasant shooting etc! But I now now have keen interest in coursing and digging in looking to buy a lurcher pup and I am just wondering what the best x for me is I want an all rounder really but I would like some advice on what x is the best all rounder if anybody could help that would be brilliant! Thanks tom
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