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Guest Countryboyo

Need To catch a male rabbit for breeding

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In a couple of seasons you may be looking for some myxied rabbits to put on the land to keep the numbers down.


I wont. theres too many foxes around for the rabbit population ever to explode that much.

to be honest mate foxes dont really kill too many conies they are not that easy for them to catch.

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If the winter is mild the chances are that rabbits will breed in late January and the young born at this time will actually be Grandparents by September, now from one Pair that is a lot of rabbits...

When an area becomes over populated with rabbits they move to adjoining area's and so on...

A couple of years ago I ferreted three ditches in a field over a couple of days and took over sixty rabbits out of it, there was one hedge we could not ferret because it was too heavy and we went back the following year and there were just as many rabbits in the same field so the point I am making is, never underestimate how much rabbits multiply...

My opinion anyway....



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