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Flapper or whirly

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#1 Aaron


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Posted 08 January 2008 - 09:25 pm

what are your opinions on the flappers and the whirlys? which do you think makes the most effect on your pattern? last year i had a day on some rape stubble with a friend, we had a whirly and a flapper with us. we set up in the morning and by the afternoon the flight line changed, now, the whirly just would not pull the birds but when the flapper was on it pulled them like magnets. since then i have had a couple of days an i personally think that a flapper makes the birds respond far better than a whirly, so what are your opinions/experiances? :thumbs:



#2 Hunting-top-shots


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Posted 08 January 2008 - 11:01 pm


when I set up I normally use 2 flappers up on 6 foot of spring steel with a diamerter of 6mm it will hold the flapper and a pigeon, all you have to do is lengthen the cable so that the speed regulator and batterie can be hidden under some earth. The 2 flappers should be placed about 7m (15 foot) appart and about 2m (6foot) between them, I also use the magnet but I put 2 tesco plastic bags on there and place the magnet at the other side of the field. first of all it does'en P..s me off turning in the corner of my eye and second it stops the Pigeons landing where the always do ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FIELD AFTER 30-40 SHOTS !!!!!! :censored: if you are wondering which one to buy I would go for 2 flappers and get the wife to buy the magnet for the Bday! No wife ! No Probs !!!!! buy it yourself, you can see if the birds are turning in to it if not the put the bags on and get the flight line over you :toast: :toast: have a look at the attachment and you can see how I use the flappers they are the red ones. this is a part of the Presentation that I use to teach the German hunters about decoying hard work :wallbash:

hope this helps ya


#3 Hunt On

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Posted 10 January 2008 - 01:00 pm

Both things are made to do different jobs. The magnet if used correctly is fantastic i tend to put it further out than anyone else i shoot with does and i find the birds respond better than if the rotary is in the main decoy pattern. i will often put a flapper at the front of my pattern to simulate a bird just landing and i find most of the birds that have decoyed land very close to it so i can decide where i want to kill the birds. they work brill together but if they have been used alot in the season you are wasting your time putting them out you will be better off just using static deeks.

i would recommend them both together but if i could only have one or the other than i would go for the rotary, just don't put it in the main decoy pattern have it just a little bird further out. am sure other people will disagree but this is what i have found.


#4 Gimli


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Posted 23 January 2008 - 02:54 pm

I like flappers/ bouncers on the in-coming edge of the pattern - at least two if not three. I've never like magnets as they attract pigeons to within about 50 metres or so and then they always seem to veer off. maybe as the previous writer said, have them further away from the pattern and hope they bring birds over which will then avoid the magnet but land in your pattern.

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