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  1. Aaron

    Terrier Box by Dogtran

    . Pm me your phone number your problem. And ill get it sorted I appreciate the offer but you shouldn't have to sort it...Karl's got my number!
  2. Aaron

    Terrier Box by Dogtran

    To say my opinion of Dogtran has changed would be an understatement. I have always had 'ok' service of them from the couple of items I have bought from them and the quality of their products is fantastic but their current customer service is piss poor! I have cracked the lid to one of my boxes and I phoned for a replacement last Monday with the standard I'll get Karl to ring you, week gone bye and still no phone call so once again I phone them with once again, I am ever so sorry about that, but I'll get Karl to ring you, STILL no phone call!! Not only this a friend of mine had wanted to place an order a couple of months back for some made to measure boxes and because of their lack of communication they missed out on a sale. Unfortunately due to the poor customer service on their part I Wont be buying anything else from them again. Its a shame as Dogtran let their product down!! Aaron
  3. looks gay, like your self.....
  4. Heads up kez the old mans 40 next Tuesday if you didnt know don't forget to give him some shit about it

  5. was fingered by a man!!

  6. Ay up silver back how's tricks when ya coming down for a beer then

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    2. willum


      Ha that's rich isn't it who was the one going to blow chunks on the way home hhhhhhm ? Speaking of baby's are you out of nappies yet ? Your not old enough to have a opinion yet toddler !

    3. Aaron


      i dont have opinions, only facts, like your family tree is like an arrow!!

    4. willum


      Ha ha nice one made me laugh cheers knuckle dragger at least we can draw a tree unlike yours that still cave paint with their hands !

  7. Empty ya in box nugget MSG me ya number

  8. Aaron

    16ftx 6ft6" ifor williams trailer

    empty your inbox
  9. sausage smuggler!

  10. Aaron

    merry xmas

    nice pics woods, and ffs change your avatar pic.........no c**t whats to know what you look like!!
  11. Aaron

    fao matt 11

    not bad for some russell's i suppose..................if they make half the rabbiting dog the sire is youll be well happy!
  12. Aaron

    .17 hmr

    sorry links arnt working, will try again...................... Thanks Aaron
  13. Aaron

    .17 hmr

    I have here for sale my .17HMR. its a CZ 452 American in very good condition! Comes complete with 5 shot mag,Hawk Night Eye 6.5-20x50 ir scope, SAK moderator, Harris bi-pod (swivel Version) and padded rifle sling. It has also had the trigger worked on by a gunsmith so is a little nicer to use and get on with. 16'' barrel and hasnt had alot of use. The rifle is in perfect condition and is a very useful tool. http://i528.photobuc...1/sale001-2.jpg http://i528.photobuc...1/sale002-2.jpg im after £400 wich is a steal, please pm for any more details etc. Im based in Northamptonshire. Thanks Aaron