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Why even have a debate about it

It's clear that luckyirishman has only came on here to draw someone out

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I have had and seen a few of this type work and they done the buisness in saying that they were all a little on the big side but still had the heart to get where they wanted to get.The 1 i had myself was a very good diging dog and was seen by a few of here doing what it was bred for.The line itself is bound to throw big as you only have to look at its make up but only last summer i was speaking with a man who knows more about these white cork dogs than most on here and he told me that they were suitable for the ground that they work as some of the earths tubes are massive compared to other earths and they also have terriers that can navigate the smaller earths aswell so i suppose its a tool for every job so to speak.I have to agree with Smasher,for quarry to get by a big dog it didn,t want it enough to start with.

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