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How powerful can a PCP airgun be made?

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If you want to see just what is available in high power air rifles then Google "Dragon Claw air rifle". that is a .50 (1/2") bore gun that can be tuned to give nearly 300 F P E. shooting a 210g bullet! (cant really call it a pellet at that weight!)

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Most Precharge Air Guns are Capable of Exceeding UK's Sub 12.FP Rule

As mostly made for World Market - where extra power is allowed


But as stated the higher the Power the less Shots per Fill


Reason most FAC Rated Guns have Large air cyclinders


Also most have found it easer and cheaper to buy in a FAC Rated Gun than to try and upgrade

a Sub12FP to a FAC Rated Gun


Often second hand FAC Rifles are cheaper than Sub 12.FP as a smaller market


Yes FAC Rated Air Guns are far more expensive than shell fires


But first get a license then worry about what gun to get -



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