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Barbed wire!

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Well the inevitable happened today.


Holly had her first skin tear from barbed wire.


Had no chance of seeing it, barbed wire along the ground completely covered with leaves in a wooded area.


Anyway I have cleaned the area with saline solution and re-read the chapter in running dog maintenance on how to deal with these.



From what I understand is should be OK to heal on it's self as it's just a small skin tear, taking 3 days to see a noticeable change and 7-10 days to start to heal and close up. Also that I need to bathe it daily with saline solution for a week then allow it to scab over. The tear isn't too long/big, just wondered what everybody else would do.





I'm happy to leave it to heal naturally, but do have access to a stabler & remover and someone with experience to do it for me. So would you staple it, as it's near a moving joint.



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I would leave it as is , maybe put some antiseptic cream on it but that would be it, stapling or stitching wounds is never a good idea with dirty cuts or ones that are any kind of age, unless its clean or can be cleaned more or less straight away, all you'll do is stitch in infection and cause yourself a bunch of problems

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