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picker up wanted

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Having just read through this, i would like to point out that "John" and "semiautolee" are just making members of the shooting fraternity sound / look like a bunch of close minded, arrogant, rude and fairly dim arseholes.


Aye Mushroom replied offering the services of his staffie, and that is somewhat unorthodox, and was always likely to get turned down.


HOWEVER, what exactly in his offer prompted the need for John to start insulting him? And then call Redcharge a 'wanker' when he backed Mushroom up?


And semiautolee - listen to yourself?


"if it was me i wouldnt want a staffy running around my shoot picking birds it isnt the natural dog for the job, maybe he or she can do the job but i wouldnt want it on my land, and neither will anyone else for that matter!"


You sound like an idiot mate. Lets get this straight, as a dog is not the 'natural' dog for the job, you would not having it do said job, regardless of the skill with which the job was performed? SO in short, you care not for the quality of work that the dog does, but rather for the way the dog looks? Says it all really. You just sound like ANOTHER pompus shooter.


As for "neither will anyone else for that matter" - you are simply wrong, many many shoots, are willing to welcome unorthodox breeds of dogs as long as they prove themselves in the working field.


And finally - i would not have a semi-auto on my shoot.




do i give a toss about your shoot no!!!!!!!!!!!!


And in only nine words you manage to confirm just how much of an idiot you are . . . .


bit like you then eh!!!


Mate. . . . your come-backs are shit, and they don't even make sense haha. Give your self a good slap and grow up!


(I also notice you don't have an answer for any of the points in my initial reply)


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


. . . . . and they are getting worse.


You really don't have an intelligent thought in your wee head do you?

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why do people on this forum seem to fall out over nothing, I have labs and springers, beat and pick up, and some shoots have lurchers, borders,patterdales,staffies all beating - so what if the dog does the job great.

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I work two springers for rough shooting but to be honest i would like to see a staffie or any terrier do a job once he was well mannered, biddable and interesting to watch. a staffie certainly wouldnt be my first choice as a gundog, but if you managed to train the beast to a competent level then more power to you.

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Well I've just pissed my f*****g self laughing. Stick yer staffie up yer arse mush, the man is looking for a proper dog....... Lol lol lol

lol ya cnut lol I been pissing myself laughing since yesterday :laugh: cheered right me up. At least you've the balls to take on the staff :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Oh and sweetpea don't take politeness for confusion :air_kiss:



i dont think your polite jumping on my thread with your stupid comments and thats where you have become confused , if you realy think that a staffordshire bull terrier is suitable then you realy are dillusional

your just another stupid fecking muppet who frequents this forum and obviously has nothing to contribute other than displaying that your an ignorant oxygen thief


qick edit ; you would do better doing what you do best , stick to self abuse and go to your room


POT KETTLE BLACK :yes: :yes:


Pull your head out of your arse mate and re-read or think over Mushrooms post, I personally cant see what your getting so upset about? :blink:

another wanker then

i dont see why people like you are so rude even if you dont belive his dog aint no good there is know need to be rude people like you piss me right off

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Agreed. There was just no need for it. Mindless personal insults belong in the lurcher section, not here. A simple "Thanks but no thanks" would have sufficed.

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