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Will rabbits come out while its lightly raining?

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There is a lot of truth in Rabbits appearing in rain after hot, dry spells. They drink the fresh rain water as they eat. Similarly, dawn generally provides more dew water than evening and thus, is a productive time to be out shooting. If there is woodland on your permission you will find them within the cover of trees and low light shade and on the leeward side of sloping ground. Their eyesight is not so good as their hearing and smell senses; so, they love a blustery wind which acts as an accoustic amplifier and carries any noise and sound, and scents, of approaching enemies towards them, better than still, calm air. That's when they will head out a reasonable distance into a field and, use speed to get back should trouble show up. The need to feed outweighs all considerations so, they are out feeding whatever the weather. Even if it seems the weather has driven them indoors from your normal shooting hotspots, they've really headed off somewhere else! :thumbs:



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