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Bought this yesterday.........Al :thumbs-up:



You put a few pellets through it yet Al?


Bit of a shock actually Simon, went out in the yard yesterday afternoon to check out the Zero on the scope etc, something that if dry I don't think twice about. OK, it was really windy, still something I don't really think about with my other rifles, JEEEEZ :icon_eek: , it was all over the place, this thing is so sensitive, that you have to think before you even move!

But once I got it on target......I've never fired anything quite like it, if I miss with this baby, it's definitely not the rifle!!!. Hell of a crack with it when it fire, so I think it'll only be the one shot, then the rabbits will disappear for a while..........Al :rolleyes:

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Guest baldie

I shot one of them at a midland fair when dave whelham had just done one Al, it was the most accurate pcp target rifle i,ve ever shot...everything fell down, no matter what the range. :blink: It will sound loud to you, because of the muzzle brake, there is actually LESS sound going downrange with it on.

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