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  1. How old do chicks have to be before a pair or single cock will foster them?
  2. Price Per Day For Hounds

    Aye that's what I meant. Gun packs same thing really.
  3. Price Per Day For Hounds

    Aye that's what I meant. Gun packs.
  4. Price Per Day For Hounds

    What foot packs does anyone follow in Scotland?
  5. keeping dogs fit/lures

    just had a look. would be the thing would they? anyone used them?
  6. keeping dogs fit/lures

    oh right got told of a box you could put your dogs in and it keeps the muscles working via a current sent through it.awas good for toning and healing injury's. had different settings on it. was from a boy that was big into his coursing comps. when legal. kept them relaxed without getting stiff for the next run. anyone heard of this maybe not best discription right enough.
  7. keeping dogs fit/lures

    what does a greyhound walker do? wasn't to keen letting him run about woods for the fact we have a lot of roe up here. will try running him up hill roads on the lead just now(cant let him run, grouse chicks on go) see how that goes. cheers for the advice. you have any lurchers? what kind?
  8. keeping dogs fit/lures

    i'll try have a look and find someone give him a once over. when he was fit he was running 3 nights a week from when the i ifnished my pheasants and his injury was better.i'd suppose you woludn't want him fit over summer just get him stretching his legs. he's quite a canny dog so doesn't runn wild with labs or terriers also not very keen on swimming.will try chucking a tennis ball or a dummy see what he does.
  9. keeping dogs fit/lures

    how do i load pics up? just standard pics but saying to big to upload
  10. keeping dogs fit/lures

    he's just coming up for 3. just had him what i'd say was the fittest he's been this winter even though he was injuryed first part. what would you expect an average lurcher to run when in full fittness. just this is my second lurcher and not the most clued up about it all, got a couple of books that i've read but don't tell you everything.
  11. keeping dogs fit/lures

    any tips on either making a lure or best ways to keep lurcher fit over summer? he runs alongside motor to keep him fit but would like to keep himtwisting and turning get ligaments working. how long a run should i give him when he's fit?
  12. why the ban?

    Been really keen going out with lurchers last couple years, but ever since got my own one real hacked off the ban is here. would have loved to see dogs coursing foxes, hares and deer(in england) without it being illegal. what would have been the favoured allrounder lurcher? got a 3/8 5/8 bull greyhound x hancock collie greyhound now.
  13. stripping terriers?

    Got a comb ordered, should be here this week. I'll give it a go and see what happens.I'll try take pics and load them up once it's done. Dog is nine month old looking foward to working him, still real puppish though. Need to try see if can get a rat or two with him.
  14. stripping terriers?

    Just looked on ebay, does it matter which one i get? fine or course? do i just trim under his belly and chin with scissors or can you use the knife for that too?
  15. stripping terriers?

    Where do i start and was kind of tools do i need? Got a pat/lakey with touch of border. Not wanting to show but just to tidy him up and get a tighter coat.