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  1. Stick Wanted With Fork Antlers

    Pm u gafer
  2. Stick Wanted With Fork Antlers

    Looking for a stick lads still haven't recieved one off Ross or even a reply to mail
  3. T20 Wanted

    Shooting.123 is selling one unless it's sold mate
  4. Stick Wanted With Fork Antlers

    And I wasn't being a dick about it it's just it's been 4 weeks was expecting it a little sooner
  5. Stick Wanted With Fork Antlers

    I offered postage and something for the stick.. Yes Ross I do still want it mate just thought you was messing around..
  6. Stick Wanted With Fork Antlers

    Cheers lee
  7. Stick Wanted With Fork Antlers

    Still looking as I've still not recieved mine from Rossm
  8. Lincoln 12G O/u

    Cracking deal mate I'm sure someone will buy it!
  9. Massive Long Shot

    Thanks a lot mate, it's all I want and I'll make sure I get where I want to be
  10. Massive Long Shot

    Aye just get my head down and earn my pocket money
  11. Massive Long Shot

    Have to see what happens or what comes up
  12. Massive Long Shot

    Tell me about it on double now doing landscaping but I just wanna be a keeper again
  13. Massive Long Shot

    I will pal don't worry
  14. Massive Long Shot

    I'm not in it for money mate, I just want a job where I actually make ends merr
  15. Massive Long Shot

    Thanks alot folks, willing to graft my arse off it's my passion, the lady of my life if you will haha