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  1. Swans In Duck Pond

    Cheers I'll keep feeding then! I'll go a few mins before dark anymore ! Just a question would the swans stay there over night? Every time I've been their (at dark) I've seen foxes waiting at the pond !
  2. Swans In Duck Pond

    They weren't happy with me being there they flew off as soon as I got to them! Would you say to stop feeding for a week or two and see if there there? I fed them today just before dark, would you say to keep doing this if they don't go away? I'll have to go before dark from now on!
  3. Swans In Duck Pond

    No I'm alright I don't want to see them around here anytime soon.. they've done enough damage to pike stocks at our local lakes getting back to hunting now; I didn't see any ducks come off today which was strange I ideally see around 20 ish.. just three swans
  4. Swans In Duck Pond

    Cheers I'll stop feeding it! They should move hopefully do you think as it's a small pond not even 50ft wide and 130ft long! Just a flood pond. Should I checkup on it and see if the swans are there every week or so? Kinda annoying as was planning on shooting the pond oh well! It's a bit more flooded than normal and has nearly doubled in size than normal I'm thinking they might go away when the pond goes down in size also?
  5. Swans In Duck Pond

    Hi there Back for some duck shooinng season! I've been feeding a pond near me for about 4 weeks 2/3 buckets every week.. lately I've been seeing swans in the last week! Are they good or bad in a duck pond? Would they eat all the feed before the ducks? There's a river near me too which you rarely see swans so it was strange! I've been seeing a good few ducks in the pond which was good! Is there anything I can do? I herd there not good to have on a duck pond.. Forgot to add this pond is small, basically a flood pond there would be no water weeds In their, the pond is surrounded by small one acre field with bushes surrounding it!
  6. Wildfowling Beginner

    What are you on about I put pictures up of the pond? Do you want me to show a mallard I shot from the last day jesus there's something wrong with you, Hpr and bell helped me and got me started on this pond and I've thanked them.. going to still feed it until this bag of barley is gone do you want me to put a video up of that?!!?! You are most definitely off your rockers! Can you please leave me alone as you are obviously targeting me for some odd reason.. I like that you think I know about wildfowling but I actually don't I don't have as much as experience as some of the lads that posted on this thread.. Thanks all.
  7. Woodcock And Teal.........the Real Deal

    Good shooting bell! The food looks lovely!
  8. Wildfowling Beginner

    Good shooting bell, just wondering I'm going to look for some more ponds I could shoot, how would I go and try and find one, I found this pond from shooting on that land, but I'd like to try and get another pond so I could rotate as in shoot every week on 1 of the ponds and then the other pond if you get me.. there's not much natural ponds, I was thinking of clearing weed in a stream beside a river for next season good idea? Thing is that there isn't much ducks coming in! Any ideas lads? The stream used to have a good load of ducks in it, it's covered in thick blanket weed, the river itself shoots well when its floods.
  9. Wildfowling Beginner

    Yes hpr that's it for me this season unfortunately!! Can't wait for next season should be good!
  10. Wildfowling Beginner

    Hi lads bit of an update Went to the pond around 5:30, seen that fox tried to get him in closer but no luck, it was nearly six o clock before anything happened, then I'd say around 15 widgeon came in didn't get a shot and then I went right beside the pond as I was really dark then load of birds came in around 20 ducks came in a big flight shot one, then widgeon came in around 6 shot missed, flew right over me and shot one, that was it but I'm really surprised by the amount that came in if you wait longer, A bad season no rain or anything but atleast it ended on a high note, I should hopefully have a dog next season, and should be ready I will hopefully post back when the season opens again, I must say a big thanks to all of you that helped me!
  11. Wildfowling Beginner

    Had a look at the sx4 they seem nice will have a talk with the gun dealer to see, feeding the pond tomorrow morning then Shooting that evening will update
  12. Wildfowling Beginner

    How much is the Winchester do you know hpr? Should get it around summer before the season starts, would use for any bird really.
  13. Wildfowling Beginner

    Cheers hpr I've herd about the Winchester sx3 I'm told there great guns for the money, I do like the maximus but it's a bit expensive, don't have anyone I know who has one, how do you find the sx3 yourself?
  14. Wildfowling Beginner

    Cheers lads will do Was a poor season alright, just wondering I'm looking to get a new shotgun for mainly wildfowling, pidgeon, crows etc any birds suggestions? I was looking at the browning maximus but it's a bit expensive, unless it's worth it!
  15. Wildfowling Beginner

    Cheers Fed the pond today no ducks come of, on a another note there's supposed to be some rain coming in hopefully it would make the pond a bit bigger, I've noticed when this flood gets biggger more duck come in. 1 more shoot for me this year and good year but not much rain where I was, will update when I shoot.