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Guest ferrets1234

got missen some new permission

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Guest ferrets1234

Hello folks, thought i'd tell you all of my new permission, whilst out with hounds the other week, and watching a brace go away from cover, from a disused railway inbankment, i noticed a few rats feeding on a field of beet, the terriers were in the landrover , but as i was out with hounds thought i'd call back the next day. This i did, with ferrets at the ready and terriers screeming to go i unboxed and walked down a hedge bottom , terriers marking and ferrets were working fine, a few rats were killed, then the farmer turns up , puttting up some new electric fencing. I had a word and he said there was no problem, but in an hour could i call at the farm. This i did, He gave me permission to hunt the farm, rats rabbits and sqirrels at first, So far , in five weeks i've killed nearly hundred rats, had a few rabbits, then i gets some more permission at some sheds about a mile from the initial farm, This place has to be seen to be believed, there a beck at the back of the sheds that runs up through a village, rat holes for yards, the barns and outbuildings are lifting with rats, i've been going up every other day for two weeks , lifting old tin sheets and ferreting the beck, i decided to use a smoker, but therats don't seem to bolt as good as they do with the ferrets, any ideas, ? Anyway, this one day i was ferreting the lane , a big old ash tree , that i'd seen rats run into the base, the terriers were marking on the lane, when a four wheel car turns up , the driver had been watching me for a couple of days, and impressed with the way i work , he asked me to clear the rats and rabbits from his release pens, another good place, with plenty of fox kills about, last friday saw me working down a beck again at the edge of the pens, when the terriers put up a fox, trouble was i was stood in the beck, and shotgun was by a tree, so could'nt get a shot in, the keeper had seen a few on the lamp, but none close in to have to safe shot , so he asked if i'd be interested in checking a few earths out, that should be fun, just goes to show you, six months ago, i was contenplating packing it all in, to stick to fly fishing, then all of a sudden i gets this permission, should keep me busy for a while, Oh and a race horse trainer has just asked if i could look round his place and clear some rats rabbits for him, and he's offered to pay, bloodt unbelieveable innit, keep at folks, c ya.

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