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I've been given a Brno .22lr waiting on the permit to come through but all should be sorted I hope by next week maybe 2. There's a sterling Nikko scope 4x32 looks alright any suggestions if I need to change it also I've heard about problems with the trigger being very slack ( haven't shot the new toy yet) is there a proper fix? Also would it be worth putting it in for a service when I get it ??

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I wouldntt service it unless it needs it really. Mines a 1977 model 2 brno and its great matey. Trigger kits are worth doing


How to guide




Kits available from rimfire magic at £12




Got yourself a unbeatable rifle their matey ;)

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Yes mate exactly the same guns the brnos are just the older makes its now CZ. I have a new CZ hmr and a old brno, I feel as though the brno is slightly better built imo, but I suppose that's the same as anything older they are usually made to a little bettere standard.


I use a Hawke eclipse mk1 3-9x50 on my brno, 4x32 maybe ok but I'd personally go for at least a 3-9x40 or maybe a fixed mag 6x40 etc ;)

And defo something with milldots

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That's just my opinion. I find the 3-9x50 works really well on my .22lr. I have a 4-12x40 on the hmr, but that just gives a little more zoom for longer ranges. I tend to leave the .22 set on 6x mag and the hmr is set to 8x mag. Others will use less and more mag but I find these work well for me for normal use. Had a rabbit with the .22lr at 90 yards set on 6x mag, and a rabbit with the hmr at 130yards on 8x, these are my longest shots to date. I wouldn't really push the .22 much further but then change to hmr and take that out to 180 yards with a little more practice ;)


With the brno .22 I can consistently shoot 10p groups at 60yards using winchester subs. I zero at 55yards. Great guns and nothing can really out perform it on accuracy imo

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