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Gunpower Stealth Parts

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Got some parts for a stealth standard and custom


Full wooden grip replacement , fore grip , handle , and butt rest , needs to be fixed to the old butt plate, grips are supplied with fixing screws but may need tweaking


£30 posted


Uprated spring with guides and 4 spacers


£10 posted


Hawke 6-24x50 ao brand new up on gun then removed as I prefer a side parallax cost me £90 last week


£75 posted


.22 original stealth barrel , and locking spacers no grubs screws


£35 posted


Original hammer slide from the stealth


£12 posted







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I know it's a right bugger, but upwards and onwards , I'll go back tha. Stealth one day as I love a gun that needs work. But I'm going to get a life long dream gun for now. Still need to save and sell lol.

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