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  1. On 14/04/2020 at 00:07, philpot said:

    As you don't have a reg fitted, if it is anything like the one I had, it would fall off after about 28 shots after a fill of air so your tests want to be done before it starts to vary which means no more than 30 shots max and when testing I used to try to test a pellet in the first 20 shots then top it up again with air. Had I kept it, I was to have a reg fitted and a bigger air cylinder to offer a larger shot count and greater control.

    Nice rifles, should never have sold it, mine really gave the best results with JSB exact pellets.


    Phil, would you recommend getting a reg fitted? 

  2. 11 minutes ago, villaman said:

    Hi and welcome 👍🏻
    is it a new gun 

    have cleaned the barrel with pull through 

    what pellets are you using 

    have you tried any other pellets

    have you shot it through a coronagraph 




    Cheers mate 👍

    Aye, it was brand new when I bought it!

    Ye I tend to give it a pull through after every tin! 

    I've tried the h & n domed and the bisley domed pellets after being recommended the two!

    No mate, havnt tried that, to be completely honest I dont even know what a coronagraph is 🙈


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