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andrew oldham

falcon for first bird

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hi at the moment iam not in the possision to own my own bird but i would still like to pick your brains if you dont mind how i dont have a mentor that could nip round to help if needed but i do have a couple of nice people that i could call and get help that way how heres the thing for my first bird i would like to brake away from the norm and start out with a falcon can one or two of you nice people tell me if this is possable many thanks for any advise wether it is negative or posative thanks



hi [bANNED TEXT] if i were u i wud get a harris hawk to start [bANNED TEXT] until u get more experience in the sport falcons can be very tempermental [bANNED TEXT] a harris is totally the opposite in my opinion [bANNED TEXT] a falcon they need too be be flown every day n if you work in the day ull find that in the winter you will have less hours of day light but [bANNED TEXT] a harris you can fly them at weekends in the week they can b left in there mews n still b very tame the choice is urs

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