The use of ferrets for the hunting and flushing of rabbits from their warrens is called ferreting the most common form of ferreting is with purse nets, nets are placed over the holes around the warren and a ferret is entered to flush the rabbits from there subterranean home and into the purse nets were they are cleanly dispatched by hand.

Ferreting can also be done using lurchers and terriers, were the rabbits are bolted for the dogs to catch and retrieve, ferreting using hawks is also a popular sport were by the hawks are flown at the bolted coneys the last method is ferreting to guns were they are normally shot using a shotgun this method can provide some fast action sport, all of the methods above acheive the same ojective of controlling the rabbit population and providing great ferreting sport.

Ferreting Images.

Purse nets, set and ready.

Ferreted Rabbits.

Ferreting provides efficient vermin control.