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ive a real soft spot for this fella, my little 18 month old house dog, he's not much bigger than some patterdales, 15"ats and barely 29lb, keeps himself in decent order, loves to run the hills , wreck


BOSS....not mine,owners permission 👍

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1 hour ago, Carlovian said:

She was a very good bitch , but RUBY be my choice of the two , and RUBY also went on to be a great producer

mightykelts ch meg...april 07.jpg

I actually tried to find where she went later on,as her owner went on a bit of a long holiday,I never heard what happened to her later on,2 good pups from the litter,another was a pet all its life and another had to be PTS,my 2 died prematurely,and I can't remember where the rest went.but they turned out a nice even bunch

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On 15/03/2021 at 23:24, chesney said:

Screenshot_20171222-100328.thumb.png.cbec2932970ff0fb9bf2c52fbd67de38.pngScreenshot_20171222-100249.thumb.png.59a84737d64f2ec045f1741f52146178.png20200308_080932.jpg.3ad2bd79cf8970001d8af0761326adb6.jpgBrindle bitch is mother of this choc bitch. Brindle bitch was bred by TL mate of mine used my patterdale dog over he father of the choc bitch

What way did the choc bitch work did she work to ground and stick with it.

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On 18/03/2021 at 11:17, fenman1# said:

Its a bad pic but that's he's mother, she belly sister to ch Luke and produced Sam he broke English and Irish record, putting her to uncle buck next time she's in season


Should be nice pups them mate that uncle buck chucking some good stuff and he’s a good looking put together animal , 

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