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On 13/05/2018 at 22:44, Navek said:

That thing on the right needs culling .lol I know looks aren’t everything but what a snipey little horrible whippet head lol 

It looks like a old type English bull or gull terrier sort of 

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ive a real soft spot for this fella, my little 18 month old house dog, he's not much bigger than some patterdales, 15"ats and barely 29lb, keeps himself in decent order, loves to run the hills , wreck


BOSS....not mine,owners permission 👍

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5 minutes ago, Mr r3d said:

Well I read most this topic looked at most the pics and missed my old girl so much went and got me another one 😍 


I been missing my russell bitch lately mate she got hit by a car... Lovely looking pup though pal atb with it. 

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22 hours ago, BlackDynamite said:

I been missing my russell bitch lately mate she got hit by a car... Lovely looking pup though pal atb with it. 

Yeh the pup is a cracker and sorry to hear about ya dog mate all was sad to lose one there like family ent they my Jack is 3 now she's a good dog bit snappy some times and she's having a phantom pregnancy right now she's adopted all of her chew toys as baby's lol

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On 15/04/2018 at 13:50, YOKEL said:

11mth old now, 36lb. Shaping up nicely...





Remember you posting pics when you first got him and I could tell then he was going to grow into a handsome wee devil :thumbs:

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