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patterdales in ireland

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I remember Ronnie's 2nd or 3rd dig about 99/00, I dug a spot with an older dog first it was handy enough then tried Ronnie, the collar failed on him this was about 12 o'clock so I went home called a mate BMc he brought a white bitch with him, we located Ronnie 6ft in rock hard ground we got him out about 10 o'clock barely alive. I have a young dog here that looks and acts exactly like Ronnie and I also have a bitch down from the white bitch that found Ronnie that day, I hope history don't repeat itself.

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14 hours ago, Apache... said:

Reggie, we had a few good digs to him, yes I bred them 2 gooduns Ronnie died young to ground.

Ye good dogs ,I not able to put pic up🙈IV loads of old ones I get Cheney to stick a few up,IV one that you bred Tyson bit rough up do 

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1 hour ago, chesney said:

He gives me a belt of pics of blackdogs put them up and not a name to go wirh any them 

Just as well Chesney, the yanks would probably use the names in their peds, some good looking workers there. 

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