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As usual i attend the Lincolnshire County Show. with a Static display of Lurchers and 4 years ago we made history being asked to attend the hound parade with Lurchers this esculated ........ from a few to many! then last Year i was told to limit my lurcher numbers from 60 to to less than 12 once again i was left feeling the lurchers were shafted and also to be told that HOUNDS always will come first!

Yesterday the letter landed on the mat

which goes as follows

Dear Jayne

Following all the debate etc that has taken place over hunting issues during the past few months it has been suggested By The Burton Hunt Master that we have a mass parade of hounds in the main ring < were it normally is> to demonstrate to the public that we are still very much in evidence!

the Chief . E of the Show

has agreed to............... wait for it 18 couple of Hounds with 6 packs of Fox hounds in addition to the Beagles , Lurchers & Terriers.

So Jayne could i ask you to restrict your Lurchers to 12 as ever shafted again!! 108 HOUNDS!!!!!!!

I have spoken with Simon W Of Pakefield Ferrets who does the show rounds with his Ferrets and Lurcher doing also a dispaly and we have agreed to work together where ever possible to raise LURCHERS and the inpact of the ban.

Our Static display is in the countryside area this YEAR which is a first

So My vision is this... i would Like a hard hitting impact on how LURCHERS have been effected by the ban!

So within this i would like a Lurcher Rescue to attend if poss highlighting the dumped dogs etc.. if this can happen and one of you kind ladies can attend both days i shall ask if you can have a marquee of your own beside Ours if not it will have to be with us.

Coursing Dogs of course which is dead

A Pest controller to Highlight his/ her work

A Waterloo Cup entrant be it of any years that it was run

I shall be doing my bit to for the ALC

also i would Like IF POSS smiling at the Falconers winks a Lurcher and Hawk to join us both in the static and parade

Lurcher Pal will be contacting a Cage supplier as all dogs when not in the parade must stay within the static display! soooo

Dear Fellow Hunters if you can help i would be greatfull.

The Show is a week days 22nd 23 rd of June

and if any of you have any more ideas please speak up thanks

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Guest simonw

In the present climate, a false sense of security is being experianced by those still hunting their chosen quarry, thinking the law has turned a blind eye, it has'nt, the election is not far away the law and spin doesnt want the hassle and publicity from the first series of arrests, BUT, come the new season things i think will be very different, just my opinion.


it makes me think when at a time when the hunter and his dog is threatened many just seem hell bent on self destruction by the way the the whole law has been portrayed to the public, we know, it is about time they know and although the law has been passed, it is still not set in stone as a few extra X's in the right box come may can and hopefully will make a big difference to how we are governed in the future, but, this summer is probarly the most important in many years in educating the people who are ignorant, blinkered or against our way of life.


if that means that i can help in any way then i will always be avaliable to help. :good:


the problem today seems to be that too many are oh so quick to slate, ridicule or take the piss out of those trying to make a difference but the reality is that they will never be brave enough to try and make a difference, be it helping people on various forums or doing the rounds like the lurcherrescues etc, thankfully, it doesnt appear to be on here, unlike another fast declining site :aggressive:


i know not everyone can or will get on, but it is the bigger picture that worries us all, not what happens today, tomorrow or next week, we have a duty to think of next year, three years time. could you look into your dogs, childrens or friends eyes when they ask why you can no longer do this or that, simply because you couldnt be bothered to help others in crisis :angry: NO, i did'nt think so


just for once, search your concience and find something in there to spur you on to help such a worthy cause,.........




so i take it that all the aformentioned requests will all be filled by now. :yahoo: :whistle:

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Guest what a flight

Hi Flynn,

i see your looking to get a falconer to participate in your display,i would love to help you out,but both my birds are hunting birds proper ;) and are well tucked away in there avierys now moulting out for the coming season,there not conditioned for large crowds or displays.You need to get intouch with maybe a local bird of prey centre,who do display work,and who will have birds that are used soley for the purpose of educating the crowds...maybe jasper knows someone who might be able to help and i'll see if theirs anyone your way on the falconry forums i go on who might be able to help you out......




W A F........

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