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7 hours ago, chesney said:

😂😂not a chance was he in anyway related. We lost him to ground 3 weeks ago last dig of the season in a big place. What a dog going be  some loss to us dont replace dogs like that  breeding in that dog only got out the last couple year so many got refused services that dog. 8 years old he dug everything that was put in front of him we lined him to 3 of our own bitchs and none ever held couple bitchs lost pups after sections one youngfella got litter out only lad that can genuinely say he got pups out of him.  We dug and dug till he was well proven likes this lad once in a life time dog i could honestly do a whole thread on this dog alone genuinely gave us digs and days out that will be talked about for a lifetime nothing but respect for an animal  like that. Our biggest mistake was not taking straws same story with us aslways we do it next definitely and never done it big mistake on our behalf.

Sorry to hear, dog I'm on about dead years. A nephew to bruno,bosco I think. (Off another 1 off alf and bess).probably up here on some old thread

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7 hours ago, chesney said:

Ye she working bitch just not from same line as the dog. I covered him with a bitch similar bred to himself couple weeks before we lost him just still waiting to see did she take hopefully she has

Best of luck with it, a good 1 I bred myself going 9 and never had pups by him.Tried him with a bitch around Christmas but she was gone out. 

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Young bitch coming on nicely showing the right stuff so far but will all come to tell next season, 11 months now and a summer of us enjoying the sun and company 👍

atb BT


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29 minutes ago, smithwicks said:

His daughter Chesney @3 month 

Shes a cracker if she works anything like her father ya know what the term proper working pattedale means and the job there really for. 

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1 hour ago, chesney said:

Shes a cracker if she works anything like her father ya know what the term proper working pattedale means and the job there really for. 

You should do a bit of a write up on him 👍

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