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9 hours ago, Rat face said:

I think the man is only having a bit of banter with you buddy, good luck with the dog hope it dose what you want it to👍

Looks like im the tit then, apologies all round

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Pup out helping the local keepers, atb At 

Just got him out, just over 8 hours...... home bath, pjs on then bed.....

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11 hours ago, big napper said:

Looks like im the tit then, apologies all round

Nothing wrong with been proud of your dog bud, this place is a bit like a building site, if you bite when someone takes the piss... well it’s game over 😂

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16 hours ago, bull mcabe said:

We're all a sensitive bunch here 🤣 I'm sure you'll find dilly was only having a bit  of banter mate...no harm

Thinks he's tough behind his keyboard the little squirt

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Is there any litters coming up out of digging dogs. Kept lurchers all me life and the odd terrier I know the odd lad into terriers but struggling to find a pup and thought it was worth asking. Size, shape or colour isn’t important aslong as the pup is from good honest workers that have done plenty,preferably from a line of workers. If anyone can help drop me a message. Cheers 




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Added of couple pictures of my lurchers past and present
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