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6 hours ago, Grunter123 said:

Nice pair 


mine 9 months had a couple digs 


👍 you starts them young Grunter it will be awhile yet before mine see a bit!! 

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the old girl over run by youngsters 17 months 19 months 7 years and 7 months 


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On 4 April 2020 at 19:58, bigfellap said:

The past 


Two nice dogs in the foreground, the past?

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Tommy son of Vinny chesney ,jo,m,the mole  he was a hard dog but wouldn't learn who was boss jacked at 3 year ,think there 1 left of same litter 


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14 minutes ago, Apache... said:

Did you have anything off vinny f.peds

Ye that red dog above  I bought him as a pup for 300  ,a lad offer 500 for service of Henry or Vinny we tried Henry but he ate the bitch so Vinny was mated ,that Henry dog was a good dog also a red dog savage ,my mate paid 650 euro for dog 15 years ago ,

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