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150cc dirtbike!! £150, now thats f*ckin cheap

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My lad has had this bike for over 12 month and used it about 4 times, so after many warnings to either use it or Im selling it because it's always in my bloody way, It's going

the last time he was out on it was before xmas so it's been stood a month or so, I can't start it, because I don't know how, Ive tried ever combination of petrol on, choke on, switch on (which doesn't show you off or on, which has thrown me to f**k) anyway I can assure you , It does run if you know how. theres nothing wrong with it apart from the accelarator handle needed tightening, thats it!!! I just want it out of my bloody way!!!

I am a a genuine honest guy and in no way, shape or form will I ever rip anyone off, so be assured, this is a genuine sale

I want £150.00 ish or maybe swop for something (not another friggin motorbike though)


If Interested Give me a Bell on 07712937572- I'm off Junction 19 M6 Cheshire


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it looks f*cked mate

how the f**k do you work that out? well please come forth with your objective view, or has you just nothing more intelligent to say? If I wanted to listen to an arsehole I'd fart, so if your not interested, f**k off. :realmad:

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