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Hi Guys & Gals

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Hi I am new to the hunting life forum, my name is Richard.

I am really enthusiastic about country sports,

I go lamping a lot with air rifles for rats and with rifles for other game, I own four ferrets and go ferreting a lot in season and do a fair old bits of ratting and a bit of digging with my mates terriers, I follow the Old Surrey Burstow And West Kent Hunt occasionally when I can get to the meets.

That sums up me a bit and to let u guys know a bit about me.


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Guest CharlieC

welcome to the madhoose :blink::D

dont worry, once you have passed the initiation ceremony (ask IanB - it involves a goats bum and a funny handshake :p ) and the Spanish inquistition, you will be allright :good: stick around and youll get to know everyone, if your gen-up and want to learn, you will meet some of the nicest lads and lasses in the dog game on here :D

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