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heres pics

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heres the pics of my little 7/8 grey 1/16 bull 1/16 beddie lurcher 20 20 hand reared this from 3 weeks old as mother died whats yous think
god bless ya, you've done a great job there, and i would say very rewarding, as it gets older you can pat yourself on the back and say job well done, as i'm sure their must be a great bond there atb sylus :clapper:
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Cripes I was beginning to think you'd never figure it out!


Lovely pup, looks well cozy on that bed.


Lurcher 2020 did a really great job, especially being a young lad. It takes a lot of work to hand rear and do it well.


Excellent :D

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like i,ve said there are some decent young lads on this site that dont get credit :notworthy::notworthy: but there are also some messers that would,nt now how to do the right thing to do not only did he loses most of litter he also lost bitch and dog as well well done lurcher 20 20 see you next week and this pups a little shit :whistling::whistling: thats my lad wearing the hoops but its a family thing :rolleyes: :clapping: :victory::victory::toast: and 4 in a row on cards :toast::toast:

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