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Better add my lot to this..... (dont forget I run a rescue)











Tell the truth you show em :whistling:


I have what I call my "PR Lads" (20 in total) they do everything work for the Ferret Tamer, they are my pets, racing, go into schools to do talks and yes alright a bit of showing, only made it to 2 shows last year, that is the ones I wasnt running, 10 oldtimers living out the rest of their time in luxury, 13 youngster from last year coming along nicely, 8 jills, 2 stud hobs, 2 vasectomied hobs and 8 re-homers. I think. Changing all the time.




Good luck mate,all the best,keep spreading the good word :clapper::clapper:

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2 sandy jills (fantastic workers, known to occasionally drag rabbits out(very occasionally)

1 polecat jill (loves to kill)

1 sandy hob (amazing worker, comes to you when called, even if on rabbit)

1 Hob (only got him 2 hours ago so we will see)

Total so far =



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