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outdoors kid

1st outing with 1st shotgun

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2 weeks ago i bought myself my 1st shotgun i purchased an Investarm O/U 12G for a £150. After having 2 weekends out clay shooting with it and doing fairly well i decided to take it out on the farm i used to shoot with my air rifle.


the farm is teeming with crows and pigeons and there is a fairly healthy population of rabbits aswell which is always an added bonus so i was quite excited about the prospect of hunting with my new gun.


I drove down to the farm about 5pm grabbed my gun out the boot and began the long walk down in to the freshly cut wheat fields i was about 200 yards off of the fields when i could see pigeons coming and going all over the fields.


as i got closer to the fields i broke the barrels and whacked in 2 Clear pigeon cartridges it wasnt long before the 1st shot rang out.

as i was virtually on top of the fields i wanted to shoot, i caught something out the corner of my eye i had just passed through the gates to the field and about 30 yards away was a rabbit as i clicked the barrels together he stood up and made for his burrow. I quickly flicked the safety off put the bead of my shotgun on his nose as he was bounding for home and then Crack my Investarm had made its first kill. :)


i was over the moon with my first kill and continued on in to the field i walked around the outside of the wheat field and it was not long before i let 2 more shells off sadly these 2 pigeons were luckily saved by my poor shooting. :censored:


as the evening went on and it was getting later and later more birds were working there way over the field i was in i spied a pair of birds coming over the field i crouched in the brush and waited untill the came with in range as i popped up they tried to turn but with both barrels blazing they both fell about 25 yards away from me 2 more kills.


i decided to call it a day and started to walk back to my car just as i was leaving the wheat field a pigeon came right over my head with out a care in the world i swung round and took him down aswell.


so all in all a good evenings shooting :victory:





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Very well done, now that is an evening you will remember for a long time to come!!



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Sounds good, a great read, felt like i was out there with you, keep practicing the more you shoot with the gun the better you will get

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