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noobie question

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ok go easy please :icon_redface: i know this sounds abit silly but havent seen anything to confirm for me, isit possible to use a gen1 nightvision scope in the day light? also can anyone recommend a cheap nightvision setup for 40yards hunting range? i have a ritcher 4-16x44 will that be any good for an add on nightvision?


sorry for silly questions


regards john

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In brief, NV's primary role is to allow you to see in darkness (obv.) in order to do this the unit (in your case Gen1) gathers all the available ambient light through the image intensifier, too much light or over exposure will damage or render the tube unusable (commonly known as 'blowing it) you have a dedicated unit which can only be used at night, there are advanced, military spec units on the civilian market which alow you to switch from night to day but you'll need a fairly decent budget.



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