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How to trap crayfish

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Right then, lets start at the beginning:     It sounds obvious, but you will need somewhere where there is actually a population of foreign crayfish, not english ones as they are heavily protecte

Had a go on a pond today to see if there was any about.Used some sprats for bait from Tesco, £1 worth was more than enough.I used 2 drop nets and caught every 10 mins.I will have them with some Pasta

Nothing doing on the crayfish front, but catching loads of eels and some reasonable sizes as well plenty of 2 and 3lb ers 

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5 hours ago, ArchieHood said:

Wheres the rest.....??

We had 1 this morning, this evening we have 2 in the trap ?going pub tonight so they are getting a reprieve ??

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Help me out, is this new or have I simply missed it before??


Permission to trap crayfish, eels, elvers, salmon and sea trout - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

This bit!!!!!

You must not transport or take live crayfish away from the location you caught them. There are 2 exceptions to this:


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