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Not strictly a firearm but it the latest addition to my FAC rated guns.   Daystate Air ranger .22 running at 30 ft lbs fitted with a MTC viper 4-14x50 and a Weirauch silencer. This is what I boug

All Brownings, ABIII in .308 win, T-bolts in .22LR and .17HMR.

My new .222 set up Tikka T3 action and barrel roedale precision stock  nightforce 3x12x56 scope ace ultra mod 

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Hi lads looking at getting a thumb hole rimfire cz 455 22

what are as it would be my frist Fire arms also can you fit a silencer to this gun

As a the mo only use a air gun

Also can someone shed some light on the barrel sizes that you would need

CZ 455 TH .17 HMR 20″ Varmint heavy barrel £439


CZ 455 .17 HMR 16″ Varmint heavy barrel £469


CZ 455 TH .22RF 20″ Varmint heavy barrel £409


CZ 455 TH .22RF 16″ Varmint heavy barrel £469


CZ 455 TH .22WMR 20″ Varmint heavy barrel S/C POA


CZ 455 TH .22WMR 20″ Varmint heavy barrel S/C POA

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I'm (hopefully) getting a Firearms cert next year and have my first rifle lined up!!

It's a good friend that's selling it, It's an Anschutz rimmie (Can't remember the model number!) but I shot it on sunday, It's absolutely like new and is bang on accurate :thumbs:


Sorry for the poor pic, It lost clarity when I enlarged it some!!




I also have an antique Belgian sbs damascus muzzle loader that's just a wall hanger but I need to redo the barrels in plum brown...







John :bye:



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I use a BSA .243 Stutzen, Parker Hale .308, Beretta Onyx 12bore, Nock 16bore muzzle loader and have a 297/230 rook rifle I hope to put on my ticket for rabbit. Pictures hopefully to follow when I can find some batteries for my camera

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Hello I have a BRNO mod 2e ZKM .22lr bolt action. Its a great little gun. The barrel has been shortened to 16" and screw cut to allow me to fit a moderator. Its extremely accurate 1/2"groups at 80 yards. I have fitted Walther 3-9x40 IR scope which has superb optics. I'm not sure about the illuminated reticule on this it flares very quickly and I tend not to use this function.


The stock is a hogsback wooden item and this is the only thing I dislike. Any ideas? I have considered an after market tacticool or boyds. They seem really expensive as my rifle only cost me 150 quid! Or try and get a CZ452 synthetic stock second hand. I believe these are an easy fit?


Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.

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