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out today

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Went ferreting today at a riding stables where i keep the rabbits under control. As usual a couple of reprebates going by the name of Breeze and Old Man of the Woods were accompanying me.

We never had the best of starts to the Day. Breeze hit a cock Pheasant in his car on the way, which took his wing mirror right off ,smashing it to bits :o .

Theres not so many Rabbits as there used to be in these paddocks this winter. Mind You, that might be because late last summer and early Autumn i had the pleasure of introducing some of them to the Falcon :D .

First warren produced a good catch for perdy to put the first one in the bag.





Next one was in the Stop Net.....




Heres Perdy running one towards the Stop Net.

Theres no messing with this Bitch and she knows that if she aint gonna get a chance of a catch ,then she'll just glady watch the Stop Net do its job. No piling into the net after it, just covering the catch like a good ferreting dog should ;) .


A ditch line was then ferreted and we had a few more in the purse nets. The Guys were up for it today....Believe it or not?....Breeze actualy left the grass at times today ;)



One for Breeze....



Old man seeing to one!



Teamwork :D:lol: .


While ferreting this ditchline that can be a bit wet at times....Perdy came up trumps with a very nice catch ....of something a bit different?



Quack Quack...Quack...


We moved on to another Hedge and a few more were in the Nets......this one is pursed nice and tight and is going nowhere....






Perdy caught another that ried to escape out of a hole we'd missed :o .. once again doing her job properly and returning it to hand,even if it was a bit awkward to get to breeze..

ro7.jpg .


The end of the days bag wasn,t the biggest......but still an enjoyable morning was had...





All the best.......Lamps

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Good post lamper and a cracking days sport by the look of it, nice to see perdy doing a grand job.. :D

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