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silly prices

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£400 to £500 is the going rate here in the uk for a well bred spaniel from working lines just because it's only £250 in Ireland doesn't mean you are right and I am wrong .......


how come am geting an 11 month old part trained springer for the same price you want for your pups and i have no worries about what ftch and all that shit as have seen the dog work and do what i want. oh yes am in uk hopfully not too much longer and thats only the going rate for greedy cnuts


Or it's the going rate for every fooker? As mentioned Cockers are quite sort after so the price goes up with demand. That's the same in everything in life. Which part of the country are you getting your Springer from? Here it's about £300/350 but in Wales i've seen a few £150/£200. Depends on the area i guess. People could charge less, but why would you if the demand is there? No brainer.

am geting ma springer local, from somone i know. ess pups go for between 300-500 and cockers about 400-600 imo this is a joke you have people breding these breeds and others for profit nowt else. anyway what is the big deal with cockers just now

Springers seem to be averaging £500 round my way too,

As for the big deal with cockers, did I read something somewhere saying some prince and / or his wife have recently got one?

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The training the parent has had shouldn't reflect on the price otherwise someone who had a pro trained dog would be charging even more. Joe Irving said it best that some of the highest quality dogs will spend their life in front of the fire and never see a shooting day but they have more potential and would throw better pups than a lot of the rubbish shooting people use. Personally i would always try to get a pedigree purely because otherwise you are limiting yourself right off the bat. I'm not writing off a 'springerdor' but i would always refer to it as a mongrel out of principle


Coursing dogs are different because it is more down to natural ability than training put into it. Get a slow and slightly thick spaniel and you can still turn it to work but get a slow coursing dog and its worth nothing.


Getting a part trained dog for a low price, id be wanting to see it first to see what 'part trained' looks like especially seeing what fully trained passes for for some people.


If you don't want to pay the price then don't buy the dog and at some point this will have an effect

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