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Hey up lads, I've just been reflecting back on my treatment since last may, several operations at different hospitals, amputation,  MRI scan, pet scan,brain scan , the doctor who looked after me and saw me through all that, was doctor makarand tare , plastic surgeon check him.out , a real gentleman, with a great bedside manner, his last words to me, after telling me I'm.all.clear, was Keith, check yourself regularly for lumps , in your armpits, along your arms, abdomen, groin, headaches, ,,,,just thought id pass this messsage on to.you, its a terrible disease, so check yourselves out, and  good luck 

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Hey up lads just got up for a Jimmy, doubt whether I will drop off again, I'm wide awake, plus I'm hungry, now then mushy, I'm a fine one to talk, as like yourself I'm concerned whether or not the cnut will  come back, we wouldn't be human if we didn't have those thoughts, as for you Dytkos, I'm honestly pleased for you , that your tumour is shrinking , keep.your chins up lads, you will be ok ,there's one or two on here struggling with cancer, antg i.think his screen name is, and then there's jok, so to you all the best, charts , forgive me if I'm wrong , but haven't i read somewhere you have lost daughters ,  I've had a rotten time sin last may in and out of hospital, then waiting ages for the results , last may i was first admitted, and on the 15 of may this year i have to go back for a pet scan see how I'm doing, if it's returned , right lads, im.starving, catch you all later, keep ya chins up, your in my thoughts  👍

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Don't want to come across as all doom and gloom and telling folk what they should and shouldn't do as we all have a choice in habits we do. Next Monday i am attending the funeral of an Aunty who recently lost her battle with lung cancer at the age of 77 and same as my own mother who died at 71 with the same condition never to see her grandkids grow into teenagers and good decent kids. Both of them were smoker's their parents who never smoked all lived past their 80s.

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