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Just now, Daniel cain said:

I only brought it up because,I was shown a load of posts on that Ticktock yesterday by one of the kids Kev....found it strange,how they allow such posts? Where theres smoke....theres 🔥😁

Probably won’t been seen again just old pictures. But who knows 

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Now, I’m very sceptical of most conspiracy theories; of course some are correct, I believe JFK’s assassination was a conspiracy, but things like chem trails, illuminatti, etc ….  Nah. But how abo

Might be walking around in a burka another good reason to ban full face coverings. The authorities must have thrown the kitchen sink at finding him to me it shows how vulnerable we could all be to a t

He is hiding in his mates house till the hunt dies down.

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5 minutes ago, THE STIFFMEISTER said:

Hold on a minute , do people seriously think Kate Middleton is dead ?? 

Of course they do, why wouldn't they? They believe in all sorts of other things they don't really know about.

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11 hours ago, chartpolski said:

She’s just posted a Mother’s Day photo of herself and her three kids.


Some press agencies have killed the pic because its been photoshopped, conspiracy theories are going thru the roof

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1 hour ago, Francie, said:

I read a few months back the William was caught having an affair,like father like son

With Rose Hanbury apparently, who is the marchioness of cholmondeley

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1 minute ago, Bakerboy said:

With Rose Hanbury apparently, who is the marchioness of cholmondeley

Thats the one bb,I'm a sinner too but hes a scumbag if he did that to his wife an children.

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