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That fcuking ape has more harm done to terrier work in the north in the last five years than other men have in 50 . How anyone would swallow his shite and send a dog to him is beyond me. And I couldn’t give a fcuk if your on here hopefully you see this , your fcuking the game for everyone. Post the proof the dog was pts and there be no problem. And quit boasting about the shitee you do on Facebook for the whole world to see ya muppet. 

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I had a quick read through the post earlier and I'm defending anyone in any way but I had a dog put down recently and the only proof I have of it is the collar and lead I carried out with me? Are you meant to get a slip like off a log book?

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On the 17th September 2022, Ada (pictured) was transported to Northern Ireland via the Stranraer/Belfast ferry to undergo training and breeding before returning to England.

Before transport she was microchipped a second time as her original microchip, which is registered to me, couldn’t be located/scanned. I’m not sure whose details would be on this second chip but I don’t believe they are mine.

The man that was keeping her for me sent me updates/photos of Ada over the first couple of months of having her. I visited him and his family in late January of 2023. After this, I received less and less contact and my calls/messages were ignored more and more. His name is Neil Pinkerton but is also known as Harry John.

On the 11th of April 2023 the brother of Neil phoned me and informed me that Ada, along with several other dogs’ of Neil’s, had been poisoned and had died. He said this had occurred weeks earlier and Neil was too embarrassed to speak to me about it, hence his weeks of radio silence.

I was told that she had been taken to a Belfast veterinary surgery to be euthanised after ingesting this poison. I was skeptical and shared my doubts with Neil/his brother and asked for a copy of a vet bill. They wouldn’t provide me this and became threatening over the phone.

I emailed every vet surgery in Belfast asking if they’d had a dog in matching Ada’s description, needing putting to sleep after a poisoning. No vet’s had seen her or put her down.

I have no idea where my dog is and the only logical explanation I can come to is that I’ve been lied to and had my dog stolen. I feel like I have been taken advantage of as I am a blind, 62 year old man.

If anybody knows anything about Neil Pinkerton/Harry John, have seen my dog or knows any information then please let me know. Please share Ada’s photo ?

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What your man at is wrong but Who sends a bitch to be trained and bred to a stranger in a different country anyways to be honest. And how do you train a glen of imall in the middle of summer. And why’s it being bred before it’s even working. Whole lots a load a bollox if you ask me and just more attention being brought on hunting really ain’t it..

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On 15/07/2023 at 21:23, wilbur foxhound said:

I just read that it says he’s blind and on Facebook,I didn’t realise Facebook came in brail,wf

He is blind.Its the fella that I got my first black dogs off in the late 80s.Poor f**kers lost his sight over the last 5 years

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