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4 minutes ago, JayB0 said:

I've seen the exact same thing with Jimmy and his Verminator, and we have to go get it 15 yards from where it was shot check it all over and still in the kill zone

But we all know Jimmy is a shit  shot ?

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Strange that as I never had an issue with either calibre but there will always be the case that the shot didn't do the job but in the most part, I prefer .177 in sub 12.  Whilst on holiday a couple of years ago at John Bidwell's shooting ground in Suffolk, I shot two rabbits with my .177 HW110 compact from the verander of our lodge very late one night, lazered at 63mt outright kills which was as far as I would take it.

I do think sometimes we can get a notion in our heads and nothing will change and a new gun is the only way you can see things getting better that but nevertheless I hope this gun does what you want it to do Jason.


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3 hours ago, villaman said:

Same shoot rabbits from 25-60 yards with .177 and drop straight way stone  dead . Definitely don’t run then drop .

like I said shot placement doesn’t matter what cal 

I've killed stuff  bigger than a rabbit with a sub 12 ft 1.77 airgun...bought a new one few weeks back.put 3 mags through it and first shot at live quarry,I dropped this...gun was straight out the box shooting 11.7 lb per ft with Jsb heavys... distance was around 54 m..IMG-20230409-WA0001.jpg.45d9b55542e6d48ae43934b6cf05bffa.jpg

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on the subject of rabbits running after being shot my own view is it is all down to how relaxed they are, if disturbed or on the lookout they get a burst of adrenalin ready to run like hell at the first sign of trouble, when shot the reflexes kick in and they run or bounce all over the place, if head down feeding and feeling relaxed the just drop like a stone, had many that did that and when picked up still had a mouth full of grass, .177 or .22 a headshot kills.  To me the only time there is any difference in when its a body shot that misses bone and vital organs and lets be honest, all of us have missed the head and hit the body at some time, as for the fox, all down to shot placement.

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