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.25 Cal Rat Hunting

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I had a call from a house owner about a mile from my flat ,
could i help with some rats around her bird table , now i
i do shoot here in spring /summertime rabbits/tree rats
but not any rats for a long time , i have just got
a .25 cal hatsan b/b and with .25 cal AA pellets,
i thought lets see what .25 does to rats,
these rats have been feeding in daytime so i popped over the other afternoon,
and set up nr to the bird table which is among some trees with a hedge about
20 yds away made a bit of a gap in the hedge with owners permission
to conceal myself and got comfortable .25 loaded with safety on
the MTC 3x12x44 mamba scope ready for action , had to wait nearly 40 mins the n
a rat appeared from the tree roots i let it settle and it was feeding on spilt wild bird food,
i got a bead on its head and slowly eased the trigger and boom the rats head was splatted
my god this gun is awesome, over the next 2hrs i only saw x3 rats all three got it ,
one was a neck shot because the rat moved as the trigger released but the hit did a lot of damage
, shooting a .25 is great fun but i would not use it where there are large numbers of rats
that would be a m/s pcp job , but back garden ratting this the airgun for me.!!! ? ? image.gif.9cd7561fe75d82d4e99b2ea48e7e1057.gif
one very happy ,.25 owner.
atb brian

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I used my old Impact .25 fac on the rats at our dairy farm perm, we used to take about 1000 rats per year, brilliant calibre and even better when it has 50 fpe up the pellets arse.  Those rats didn't like it at all.?


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