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What’s easier a daytime Rabbit or daytime Hare.

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11 hours ago, thefensarefarbutistillgo said:

I thought exactly the same as you, at first I thought it was a joke but when you think about it taking rabbits in the daytime without  bolting them with ferrets takes some doing mainly because there is little chance for good course on a rabbit  in the day 

I agree with you and Charts on this. Unless you have the right land to work it's nearly impossible to get a daytime rabbit dog going well. The right land (IMHO) is land with loads of rabbits and loads of light cover,rushes etc. If the dog doesn't get some success most start running half heartedly sooner or later. Running it with a daytime bushing pack can work but in some cases makes the dog a bit hard mouthed.

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Taking day time rabbits isn't easy unless it's in brambles etc ,they don't sit out in like a hare ,of course taking bolters isn't hard and I've had terrier take hares regular out in the open but of no law was given and they taken out there seats ,


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3 minutes ago, Allan P said:

Hunting up and catching rabbits is tough. Many people seem to have a 3/3 Hare dog but I’ve never heard of 3/3 rabbit dog ?

Rabbits just don't sit out in the day so any dog going to find it hard to take them regularly in the open,


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On 10/03/2023 at 22:40, Blackmag said:

A lot depends on the dog and ground like a golf course for rabbits or short grass for hares there's loads of things to take in to account is it  day or night but personally I like to see a dog hunt up in day time watching the dog body movement speed up with there nose to the ground before something raises in front beats a point and slip for me 

What I found, if like me my dogs have been lamping dogs, a d have plenty of rabbits and few hares. I don't mean just of the seat either, my big gsdx grey Buck, when caught couple rabbit hare got up 35 yds away, this fookin hare took him feilds away, got away  and happy it did. Now what found in the day hares, my type dogs try to put a strike in quick, and in doing so will burn out, after couple mins, where a good hare dog, will hold back  and strike when it's just right. To me  dog with drop coursing blood in it  will catch deff in day, and get good bag in night, and x that did  see work was saluki x grey x pit xgrey 2nd gen 1x

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