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Life in the Old Dog yet.

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25 minutes ago, Aussie Whip said:

Good effort from the old boy. I used to think of retiring them when old but I now think they should just keep going to keep them going.

I think it might be different with " point and squirt" dogs that are just run off a slip.  They are a sort of one trick pony. 

I try for a  modicum of obedience and steadyness type training and once its hairing about days are over the dog can still be useful in other ways like shooting and ferreting . Or just a stressless companion.

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a nice post this, old bryn my 1x collie x grey , could still knock few over at 10 year old, he died at 14 , but being honest from 8month old - 10 year old , he made catching day/ night easy .Same as big Buck  took to lamping dead quick, rabbits  easy more so how big he was , charlie the same and and big things, he 10 now, lost some pace  but i carnt complain , because he gave me some great 8 years lamping , big dogs slow up  bit quicker than smaller dogs. enjoy your old dog mate while  you still got him .

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Loved that read...Great post!

My old girl is 13 now, still ferreting but not had her lamping this season...might give her a spin for old times sake..

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