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dave charges £500 for a pup, just got one from him a few months ago, had 3 from him over the years,still got the old 7th generation dog coming up to 11yrs now, ran him on allsorts of terrain, never ev

I like Deerhounds and deer/greys; Cheers.  

Non-ped whippet/Greyhound x Deerhound; Cheers.

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On 17/12/2022 at 21:58, shaaark said:

Go on then, Gooey, tell us all how you've never seen a tidy deerhound/greyhound, catching hares with fair law, even on the slop!! 

You will then be as bad as stiffy, because he's never seen one either, apparently!!  ?


On 17/12/2022 at 23:10, shaaark said:

A bit slow with your reply, but, you do say you've seen a few good ones.

Unlike your 'arch enemy' stiffmeister!! 
He's 'never seen one' apparently!!  Dear oh dear lol ? ?


On 17/12/2022 at 23:20, mC HULL said:

stiff is not me arch enemy mate he just needs a bit a re education ? 

All day long baby !!!!???????


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13 minutes ago, jeemes said:

I love to study the body language. That little look at the end of the "I am in heaven" statement. Have they swallowed that? it says ?

Well I don't see um cueing up 2 make a documentary about you.,just another 1 envious of big daves achievements wi the English deerhound 

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4 hours ago, Sunderland lamper said:

They are both bred and bought from platt and Sykes them selves

I don't doubt that mate, it's just that Gropmz on here estimates his 3 DP specimens were 27 tts the shoulder  and 25 kilos.  DP himself says one of his aims was to bring the size down. Yours seem to be the size you would expect  a first cross to be.

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On 17/12/2022 at 14:51, tatsblisters said:

I had them for years and bred a small strain of springers and they need the exercise and imho are not the best of house dogs i found but she is adamant i am not having a whippet we will see.lol

Was you ever at Humberstone matey with them springers.?

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