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18 hours ago, nothernlite said:

The man is dedicated can't take that away from him well done to him 

Dedicated to breeding pups for sale and making videos maybe. Dedicated to working dogs I dont think so. Its all bull shit mate.

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dave charges £500 for a pup, just got one from him a few months ago, had 3 from him over the years,still got the old 7th generation dog coming up to 11yrs now, ran him on allsorts of terrain, never ev

I like Deerhounds and deer/greys; Cheers.  

Non-ped whippet/Greyhound x Deerhound; Cheers.

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there will be folks out there working them...then when the  time comes to breed from them,so long as they are honest about what each dog has done to the new owners..then what's the problem???

It's down to the man holding the lead to put the work into and test his dogs surely? nothings guaranteed ,still get dirt from pairing 2 seasoned workers,terriers,lurchers,hounds,gundogs...anyone says different,I would make my excuses and leave 👍

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20 hours ago, Sunderland lamper said:




 She's your woman mate ,but if I were you, I wouldn't let her on the couch . Leads to bad habits.

Still if you brush her regularly and keep her feet clean might not be too bad.

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